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About mylittlebrother

Best described as indie-rock/pop with echoes of West Coast Americana and 60’s pop.
This Cumbrian four piece master the art of creating harmonious, insanely catchy songs. Swathed in vocal melody, they use driving electric guitars and piano to deliver upbeat pop that often hides a cynical, sometimes melancholic, darker undertones.

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Weekend tickets are available at the following link – at £125 for adults and reduced prices for 16-year-olds and younger. Under fives are free. 

There will be a single £15 parking charge for overnight parking for the weekend. There is no parking charge for non-overnight parking – for people attending the festival but staying elsewhere in the area. 
Camping is included in the ticket price – but the £15 parking charge will apply to motorhomes and campervans staying for the weekend 
6th - 8th September 2019
Muncaster Castle